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Archive for May, 2012

My Master’s Dissertation, Revisited Series – Part 3

Posted by sanstechbytes on May 1, 2012

In this final part of the series, let us look at the choices of implementation that I made and the results of my work. I thought I would rather share that as a stuff, part of the download.

Although I liked world-leading data mining open-source software like WEKARapid Miner, I don’t recall why I stuck to exploring more of a trial version of commercial Oracle Data Mining Suite. We used Oracle 10g at work; we use SAS Enterprise Miner for data mining needs. Intuitively, it should have been with the intention of seeing how Oracle Data Mining fitted the bill in that context. It turns out that last statement was too much of a speculative future then.

The repository for all my work along with other useful artifacts can be downloaded here(around 93 MB, I think!!!).

When you’ve downloaded RAR file –

For my explanation of how I’ve used ODM API’s, refer to dissertationrepository\results\My Dissertation POC Demo.docx.

For detailed steps on installation of database, creating user, sample schemas etc.:  refer to Oracle Data Mining Administrator’s Guide can be located in RAR  file at: dissertationrepository\pdf\datamining_admin_guide.pdf.

For installing softwares like odminer and importing java project: refer to dissertationrepository\software. Perhaps, oracle database can be downloaded from here.

For screenshots and results of my POC work,  refer to:  dissertationrepository\results\My Dissertation POC Demo.docx

For other sample projects, books, ideas, papers etc: refer to dissertationrepository\extra


1. Campos, M.M., Milenova, B.L., “O-Cluster: Scalable Clustering of Large High

Dimensional Data Sets”, Oracle Data Mining Technologies, 10 Van De Graaff

Drive, Burlington, MA 01803.

2. Oracle Data Miner –

3. JSR Specifications –

4. Introduction to Data Mining by Vipin Kumar, Michael Steinbach, Pang-ning Tan, Addison Wesley, 2006.

5. Java Data Mining: Standard, Theory and Practice: A Practical Guide for Architecture, Design and Implementation by Mark Hornick, Erik Marcade, and Sunil Venkayala, Morgan Kauffman Publishers, 2007

6. Collective Intelligence in Action by Satnam Alag, Manning Publications, 2007

7. Using text mining to understand the call center customers’ claims by G. M. Caputo, V. M. Bastos & N. F. F. Ebecken.

8. Oracle Database 11g / Data Mining API Documentation

9.  KD Nuggets

10. ACM

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